Learning to unlearn.

Growing up in Singapore somehow taught me to cultivate a careful mask of indifference to things around me. Life in a friendlier and more open culture over here, has been a welcome change.

For example:

Back in Singapore, I would mind my own business on the MRT, and look forward to getting to my destination, period.

Over here, there have been days when I actually strike up conversations with totally random folks on the train. It’s interesting how much more open people are here, in contrast to the aura of defensive wariness that a lot of Singaporean commuters display. It’s not anyone’s fault, I guess that’s just the way things work and that’s how everyone learns to act.

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but I’m trying. Is it not interesting, that I am actually learning to unlearn social habits from good old home. Granted I’m still a bit of a doofus when it comes to trusting people, but it still feels like I am relearning what I had forgotten after my childhood days – to forget the cynicism, to stay open, friendly and to trust more.

This feels like a reminder of the countless, but subtle changes that life over here has wrought.

And yes, trust is a valuable commodity these days, isn’t it so?

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