Wazapp: And it’s not working for now, so chill.

If anyone else has not realised it yet, Wazapp is not working.

The error message that you should be seeing:



need to remove your account from accounts manager and re-register

The situation:
It has been confirmed by CepiPerez that WhatsApp has changed stuff on their end yet again:

Quoted from TMO thread:

whatsapp has moved all clients from md5 to rc4
and before this, they have changed the auth from sh-digest to w-auth (or something like that)
I’ll try to update wazapp to w-auth
if it doesn’t work the we need to move to rc4 too

11 Sep 2012 #2: CepiPerez has released the latest build with a fix for the connection issue, refer to the troubleshooting guide for more details.

11 Sep 2012 #1: Bojan (aka @knobtviker) with some awesome news!

Work has also been going on between the Yappari and Wazapp devs on comparing builds, with Scorpius and ginggs and brkn contributing together to make things work.

10 Sep 2012 #2: Bojan (aka @knobtviker) talks about the two bytes being swapped around, (similar to the last connection problem) and working out Python issues.

Also: Waninkoko has the RC4 key for encryption/decryption, which IMO promises to speed things up, if the Wazapp devs have been experiencing problems with encryption. Waninkoko’s pretty well-known for his work on the Nintendo Wii cIOS and Sony PS3 custom firmware; having his help now is really great.

10 Sep 2012 #1: Bojan (aka @knobtviker) has confirmed that the fix is on its way, and likely a long-term answer to these annoying authentication issues! So rest easy folks.

08 Sep 2012 #2: CepiPerez think it’s time to take a closer look, after the initial test results.

08 Sep 2012 #1: Bojan (aka @knobtviker) has kindly corrected the situation, so here goes:

So there you have it, the developers know something is up and they are finding out. Or it could be WhatsApp’s servers stuffing up, in which case it could magically fix itself! So take a break, kick back and have a bit of patience for these awesome guys who are working their asses off to provide a free service for the community. I’ll post something up soon as I see an update on TMO or Twitter, but that’s all we can do for now, so wait.

*In case anyone was wondering why I was a little slow on this – I was busy getting needles stuck into me, and getting family-like stuff done. Yep, the family man has a routine on weekends, and it doesn’t involve hitting F5 on his browser all day long.

5 thoughts on “Wazapp: And it’s not working for now, so chill.

  1. Patiently waiting for thing to get solved. Though 3 days without wazapp is such a pain. I wonder, would we get an updated wazapp of something done with the one we already have solve it.
    I had some prob with whatsapp but just restarting the cell solved it.


  2. it says connecting but thn it does not .. its been 2 days for now .. tried resetting my phone.. reinstalling wazapp and even delete my acc. and then did all the process again .. but it isnt working.. is there anyother way?


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