The one about the “risk of slipped disc”

Now that I have your attention, I’d like to point out that it’s a risk, not a fact. I’m in good shape, so don’t freak out.

So I had a session with one of them TCM chiropractors last weekend, just a routine massage thing. And before I knew it, I was groaning in pain from the massages, getting electrostim done on the shoulders/upper back, cupping (拔罐) on the lower back/waist, and acupuncture done on my left leg.

Talk about a fun morning huh?

So my left leg’s been an ongoing story, leftover tendonitis from the army days that’s just going on and on, and needs to be treated before it got worse. The needles really stung this time though, I think it’s a sure sign that my ligament’s messed up.

The shoulders and upper back were what the doc referred to as 错位 (aka out of position), and after a few solid cracks I was supposed to feel much better. Oddly enough, I didn’t. And in the days after that session, my right shoulder and back started aching again (the way it did last month) which is really a PITA right now. I have this theory about my body actually having adapted and recovered from the way I’ve been abusing it recently, and the doc restoring balance to my body only served to revert it to the state of agony I was in previously.

Oh well.

And we come to the bit about the slipped disc. So apparently, the lower back muscles that are supporting the spine are kind of stiff at the moment, and if untreated, could run a risk of pushing the spinal discs out of place. And yes, that phenomenon is commonly referred to as a slipped disc. So he recommended that I continue treatment for another seven sessions at least, and me being the paranoid safety freak agreed to it.

No slipped disc shit for me, still plan on balling for many years to come.

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