Wazapp: Stable release 0.2.7

After all the endless complaints about stuff not working, here’s an official release from Tarek Galal (@tgalal), moving forward from 0.2.6 to the next “minor update“, as he calls it.

Note that this version does not include full support for features like media sharing and group chats – this will be addressed in the next version update.


I will not be testing this version, so leave your comments on how well this goes and share it with everyone.

21 thoughts on “Wazapp: Stable release 0.2.7

  1. i have observed very strange thing with wazapp …which is when i am connected with my wiMax its giving me “Connecting” issue and when i am connected with 3G its working fine 100%….i didnt get that point :S Any Solution


  2. I have Reboot many time but the same issue 😦 as i told u both are working fine on 3G connection but keep connecting on WiMax connection…even i have asked my Wimax Provider they told me not ports have been Blocked for this app they told me to contact ur app developer so i dont knw what to kein please try to find out what wrong u r the man with every solution 😦


  3. 2.6 didnt work for me so i downloaded 2.7 and also didnt even start, uninstalled it and i had a problem where i cant download, failed to download message.and when i got it to work the 2.7 version it does not send photos or group talk it looks like the old version, so is it normal or did i do something wrong or should i wait for the new update to get the full thing?


    1. Amr: You are right on 2.7, it does not support media sharing. It’s basically a fixed version of 2.6 (login issues fixed), so if you want media sharing you will have to use 2.6+. It’s more or whether you prefer stability over the new features at this point.


  4. Since Oct. 30 my wazapp suddenly stopped working and kept “connecting” on the screen. I’ve tried updating to 2.7 (previously on 2.6.5) but the problem remains. I’ve tried rebooting several times with no different results. Any idea on how to fix this problem?


    1. Carlos: WhatsApp has changed its login process, so no amount of upgrading or rebooting will help at this point. Patience while we wait for a new fix to be released.


  5. huge bug, I don’t know if whatsapp changed their protocol or encryption or something but for 4 days I’ve had the connecting… error, its not being addressed online and I’ve flashed my phone and re-installed wazzap, nothing works…


  6. hi. i downloaded wazapp onto my N9 on 10 oct, I guess this means it’s version 2.7. i have the same registration problem that people mention and am in the process of downloading blue stacks to get the registration code. shall i wait on registration till we hear back about tarek’s fix on the connecting … error situation? or just go ahead with it and then wait for further instructions on the fix. i know blue stacks is a trial version, just not sure how long the trial lasts. cheers!


  7. Hi Kein, I saw this message on your other page. I just don’t know if it’s 2.6 or 2.7 or 2.9 … thanks in advance!

    “Update: A new fix is released as of 05 Nov 2012, head over to the download page to get the latest version 0.9.12.”


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