8 Australian online survey sites that really work

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English: paid survey related photo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s interesting how many online scams there are on the internet. They claim to offer a decent income, in return for filling up surveys online. If it’s too good to be true, it often is.

Obvious tip: Never fall for a survey scheme that requires you to pay up before earning anything.

That being said, there are reputable online survey websites that allow you to have fun and fill up surveys, with various incentives offered.

Disclaimer: These sites sure as hell are not going to be enough to supplant your main income, think of it as pocket change more than a $5,000 per month income. They do count as work from home income though. So if you are looking for some easy online tasks that earn you a little bit of money, read on.

I’ll talk about a few sites that I have been using for a while now – all Australian, all legitimate, no scams.

Also, these recommendations do not earn me anything. No affiliate links, no referral points, nothing. I’m just sharing these because I feel like it.

1. MySurvey
Frequent surveys offered with email invitations, very convenient. That being said, they do miss an email from time to time, so it still is best to check in from time to time.

You get to “level up” your membership with the number of surveys done. This in turn, earns you bonus points when you get to a higher membership level.

The site has been steadily improving the way it works over the years, which is really good because I’m an advocate of constant innovation. The Facebook site integration has really improved engagement within the community, which feels fun because everyone is chiming in on daily topics.

The survey template is good as well, because there is a feedback section at the end on your thoughts about the survey content, length, with room for specific comments. IMO, things like these go a long way towards long-term improvement.

Reward system: It uses a point system that allows you to exchange points for rewards, one of them being my favourite: PayPal cash deposits.

Main perks:

  • Easy to accumulate points
  • Quick processing time on rewards redemption, by far the fastest of all the sites (averaging a week to two at most)

Not so great: Remember to login only within Australia. I had my account blocked when I tried to do the surveys overseas. Send an email and get them to unblock it if you have the same problem.

2. PureProfile
Email invitations to surveys, together with video advertisements and websites to view. The emails do not appear with every survey though, so remember to login every day to check for new stuff.

Reward system: There’s no point system, your account accumulates cash directly. Minimum redemption amount for withdrawal to bank account is $25.

Main perk: Great interface, easy to use. The Next button is one of my favourites

Not so great: The redemption takes a while to happen (processing averages three weeks to a month).

3. Realtime Research
Offers qualifying surveys, followed up with actual field research in person. This means you need to get down to certain specified locations on the date/time that they need you on, usually to evaluate certain products.

Still a fun thing to do, I remember participating in a test for a new flavour of cola once. Not a tough task with cash in hand, nice.

Reward system: Rewards are given for participants, sometimes cash, sometimes others (vouchers, gift cards).

Main perk: Fun, and immediate cash in hand upon completion.

Not so great: The survey timings might be a little tough for full-time workers.

4. AC Nielsen – Homescan Online
You get a scanner and a booklet to scan barcodes for your grocery shopping.

I like Homescan, it’s just a bit of a hassle when you are not used to the extra minutes spent on scanning each and every item from grocery shopping, most especially on fresh produce when prices are quickly forgotten. But the routine forms quickly, and getting a gift card to supplement grocery shopping once in a while is pretty good.

Reward system: Points are given for continued participation, with bonuses for your birthdays, and if you manage to win their monthly trivia quizzes. You are allowed to redeem points for rewards online, for items like gift cards, vouchers, electronics and others.

Main perk: No surveys required, slow and steady redemption for gift cards (for me).

Not so great:

  • You must have a telephone landline (PSTN) to participate; the scanner they use has a built-in modem that sends the scan results to their server at regular intervals. Guys who are on Naked ADSL internet connections or NBN, tough luck.
  • You have to keep the effort up, and scanning groceries is a hassle at times when you just want to dump all your stuff into the fridge and forget about them.

5. VibeVillage
This site is pretty new. Basically you sign up for campaigns with opportunities to trial new products, pretty cool IMO.

Reward system: Trial new products if you are eligible.

Main perk: Get to try new stuff. I got free bottles of Victoria Pale Lager from a past campaign – free beer is always good.

Not so great: The campaigns do not seem to be frequent, but sign up and have a look from time to time for new campaigns.

6. Australian Shoppers Community (VibeVillage)
A child site of VibeVillage, this site hosts regular surveys specifically on K-Mart.

Reward system: You get a chance at winning a $20 Coles-Myer Gift card with regular participation.

Main perk: Easy to complete surveys with a shot at getting some grocery allowance.

Not so great: Invite-only site, so you need to get someone to help.

7. Nine Rewards
Another survey site, available surveys are similar to MySurvey.

Reward system: Each completed survey earns you cash points which can be redeemed towards gift cards and vouchers. The best deal to me would be the Hoyts vouchers.

Main perk: Plenty of surveys every day.

Not so great: Minimum redemption amount is higher (ranges from $10 to $25), and harder to qualify for surveys. Takes a while to reach the reward.

8. VoiceIt!
This site has a forum-like structure that encourages member comments on topics like new advertisements and new trends.

Reward system: Earn $10 monthly on PayPal for consistent participation. (12 constructive posts per month to qualify.)

Main perk: Plenty of questions every week, easy income.

Not so great: No way to earn more than $10 per month.

That’s all I have for now; which sites have you used before? Feel free to share the good ones, I’m always looking out for more of these.

Recommendation: Australian Survey Sites has their own listing with reviews, feel free to check it out.

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