Basketball: Practice, and reality.

Saturday morning ball made me realise one thing – I’m not using the moves I practice.

Suffice it to say that practice does not make you utilise new moves in game time; there is a period of transition from a conscious choice to use them, into the muscle memory stage where instincts take over. But before this transition even begins, there must be a moment when you decide to use the move for the very first time.

And I’m sort of having problems getting to this first time thing right now. I settle too comfortably into my jumper/drive to the basket routine, and always forget about other options. The noggin needs to remember and realise, which is quite a tough thing because things just happen on the spur of the moment, and before I know it the ball is out of my hands.


The session also made me think about defense and ball handling more, I was trying to consciously pass the ball to the right spot. For example, kicking it to the corner on a drive, or to pass it to the roll man after a side pick and roll. It’ll take time, but I believe I am slowly gaining confidence on passing the ball in a full court situation.


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