Rediscovering Hanson.

My first part-time job after secondary school involved stacking pillowcases in a warehouse. It wasn’t exactly backbreaking labour, I got paid decent wages and that was pretty much it. Incidentally, that was where my first contact with Hanson came about, listening to Where’s The Love on a workmate’s MD. I was hooked on Hanson for a while after that, being quite impressed with the tracks from their Middle of Nowhere album. Such a young group, and so full of promise!

Years passed, and I moved on to many other singers, many other bands. As chance would have it however, I came across Hanson by accident on YouTube, and their performance at the 2011 V Festival absolutely had me enthralled.

In a way, it felt like I was seeing old friends, familiar yet strangely grown up. Out of impulse (I do this a lot, making gut decisions over logic), I managed to get tickets to Hanson’s second concert in Melbourne, after the first show was sold out.

Listening to their music really impressed me to no end, because of the fact that their music still retains the familiar Hanson flavour, albeit with a much more mature overtone. One of my favourites right now, has got to be Underneath:

I really liked their documentary Strong Enough To Break too; very real, and it’s really amazing to actually see them at work, putting the pieces together on a song. And of course, the emotional ups and downs, the trials that they had to endure to actually produce and release the album.

All that said, I’m looking forward to the concert later in the evening. Hoping to have a smashing time!

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