Shouting It Out!

Great, great concert. Hanson – simply fantastic performers, enough said. Boundless energy, great stage presence, instruments and vocals were seamless in harmony. It was amazing watching Isaac groove on the guitar, Taylor jumping and hitting the harmonica in If Only, and Zac showed off his vocals and a lot more than what you get in the album tracks.

Catching them up live is something I’ll never regret doing, props to Hanson for doing this show down in Melbourne, and for taking the effort to organise a second show after the first Melbourne show sold out.

Much thanks to V for covering baby duty, and to Stan for coming along to the show. Here’s hoping I do get another chance to watch them again!

Bad points?

#1 The long wait. Show was supposed to start at 1930hrs, we waited until 2130hrs before the real show began. No slight intended to Matt Wertz but we paid to watch Hanson, and watching you perform anything more than five songs was crossing the line. Not to mention another thirty minutes’ of setup right after that. Stan and I were really drained after a long day, and the wait only sapped our energy and enthusiasm.

#2 The invasive lady who wormed her way into a spot in front of me, and gradually shifted herself to enroach on my territory, and killed my view as well. Fcukin’ annoying, to say the least. It’s small things like these that detract from the overall experience, but I’m telling myself to take the positives away from the show, not ugly things like these.

#3 Left early because Stan was really tired. Found out later Hanson did a autograph and photo session for every fan. Every. Fan. I am so kicking myself over this. Opportunity of a lifetime, gone just like that. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

I’ll say this again: great, great concert.

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