The Boston Trip 2011 part II – Taking the plunge.

(Read part one if you haven’t.)

So we had this situation where we were cooling our heels, waiting for a decision that did not seem to be coming anytime soon. I waited, and waited, and finally it came to a point when I lost my patience and went screw this, let’s get the game tickets first.

After a bout of online scavenging, we went for pretty decent seats (loge seats), which were unfortunately not so decently priced – it cost us like $800 per ticket on TicketCity, exhorbitant is the word here. But hell, we had our tickets.

All that was left, was to figure the rest of the trip out.

And yes, explaining to an irate V why the hell I’d gone ahead and bought two tickets without counting her in, which led on to her pointing out the fact that she hadn’t said anything about not wanting to go.

So here you go folks, here comes the golden rule:

Always remember to get an official statement from the other half before committing to decisions.

Given the benefit of hindsight however, I’m not really sure that I would have done anything differently, even if I knew how things were going to turn out.

So after the storm had settled somewhat, Stan and I got back to planning. I was going along the lines of making it an NBA trip – since we were already going to Boston for a game, why not visit a few other cities and watch more games? It felt like an awesome idea to me, and Stan was cool with it too. Due to budget constraints, they were gonna have to be shit seats though.

I asked around for tips from friends in New York, and it was a testament to the weather that out of the three people I asked, exactly three were not going to be in town. Yep, drew a big fat zero here. My ex-classmate Linda was very, very cool though; she offered the use of her apartment to us, which meant free lodging in New York.

(I never realised how much we’d saved until I did some price checks recently. Holey saving thousand bucks at least!)

So with New York firmly rooted as an option, it stood to reason that we would be watching the Knicks at Madison Square Garden. None of us were interested in watching the Nets or the Wizards though, which left the holy destination as the third piece: United Center in Chicago, home of the Bulls, where the GOAT reigned supreme in years past. I had my beginnings as an MJ fan, and to not visit UC was unthinkable.

With the approximate itinerary set, we began making arrangements in earnest, with one major screw up on the air tickets. We were looking for the best deal around, and ended up paying more because we missed out the taxes in the final price, which earned us another round of remarks from V. Big mistake, ended up spending a couple hundred dollars more but what’s done was done, so water under the bridge, I say. She was supportive enough once her temper subsided, which was a good thing.

Time passed quickly enough, and after all the planning, research (thanks to Huiying, Huiqing and Linda on tips) and packing (thanks to Bill and Andy for the shoes and pants), we were ready to begin our adventure. Could you feel that sense of anticipation in the air? It was going to be a great trip, no matter how things turned out.

(The subsequent posts will contain pictures.)

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