The Boston Trip 2011 part IV – Touchdown.

I’ll kick things off with the journal entry, just to keep things consistent.

02 Feb 2011, 0343hrs LA

  • Wokeup early => Stan alarm 1hr earlier.
  • Called V, Stan called ahma house talked to ahma/laobu/tom.
  • heading out. (Hot showers feel awesome!)

02 Feb 2011, 0547hrs LA

  • about to depart LA for Denver.
  • non-stop repeating about “we will check in any luggage that oes not fit” apparently has truth, seeing as stow space is limited.
  • hash brown bigger than AU version.
  • gei zua charbor w/ too much shit in luggage, Stan had to help.
  • customs scan for domestic quite fast. lower body check done in non-invasive & polite (professional) manner.

03 Feb 2011, 0003hrs NY

  • The flight from Denver -> NY, mostly uneventful. We were seated w/ this lady called Diane whom we talked a great deal with, Stan more than me. (I KO-ed ¼ into the flight. And the earplugs I bought were totally worth it. No more noisy plane /babies crying!)
  • Cab to NY, $30.
  • Unpacked, tried to order from Excellent Pork Chop House but CNY not open. Ended up going out to buy chinese takeaway, $6.25 for huge portion of fried rice & ½ chicken.
  • Comfy in Linda’s pad now. Stage 1 complete! Next to figure out hwo to get to Boston w/o getting snowed.
  • MSN w/ LH & Edmund. Edmund quit his job & doing full time web design. (tough! but respect.) LH as always is good. He offered to be travel companion if I needed one in future.

It was a really, really early flight. Good thing we stayed close to the airport, and having a hot shower helped oodles. Here’s a video of the hotel room before we left.

At Los Angeles airport, ready to depart for Denver. We grabbed a quick brekkie at Maccas before boarding the flight. A bit of a wait, which was why I had time to write in the journal.

Waiting at the LAX gate. Boring, wait, boring, wait, rinse and repeat.

At Denver airport, awaiting transit. The place was effing cold, -25 degrees can you believe it? Simply crazy, it felt like we’d stepped out into a freezer.

Anxiously staring at the flight status, hoping that our flight to La Guardia (LGA) wouldn’t read cancelled or delayed. We amused ourselves by listening to this guy behind us chat up some chick, and the conversation went on with the chick saying, “.. oh I live here with my husband.” Major bummer!

The excellent Quiznos sub Stan had at Denver. Mindblowingly awesome stuff, should’ve ordered one too.

The flight itself was pretty interesting, thanks to our fellow passenger Diane. She lived on the West coast, but was travelling to visit family on the East. During that flight, she told us that she was living in a cabin in Yellowstone Park, and regaled us with stories of her experiences. In short, she has had a pretty exciting life.

And yes, sweeter words were never seen. To finally reach New York after all that crap the day before? Feeling great.

The outside of the airport, our first look at New York. Did I say it was cold? It was freezing.

On the cab, on our way to New York city!

Unpacking at Linda’s pad, our new home for the next week or so. It felt so good to be settled and not be tossed about like unwanted baggage for a while. We were starving and ready to eat the furniture, so it was time to head out and look for chow.

We ended up getting Chinese takeaway from a shop down the street, but the main discovery that night was the fact that there was a Key Food supermarket across the road, which to us felt like the best place on earth at that moment. Everything inside was dirt cheap, whew. We sure wish we lived in the US, a dollar over here could go a long way.

A huge helping of fried rice and chicken at reasonable prices. Mind you, this is how a typical Melburnian reacts. A Singaporean would still be screaming at the cutthroat prices.

A serve of Oreos before heading to bed. V was right, the Oreos made in the US somehow tasted better than the cheepo ones sold in Melbourne.

with that, we ended our second day in New York. The next morning involved a trip to the famed shopping outlet at Woodbury (something the ladies wholly recommended) so we had to wake up early (yet again). Still, not complaining!

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