The Boston Trip 2011 part V – Woodbury!

04 Feb 2011, 0602hrs NY

  • Walked to bus pickup pt for Woodbury, concluded walking is nott hat bad if it wasn’t so fucking cold. Numb face + toes, so damn cold.
  • Super long bus ride fr NY to Woodbury, passed thru Harlem felt it’s a little seedier than NY CBD.
  • Thought Woodbury was a shopping centre. Nope, it’s a shopping village w/ plenty of brand outlets. Still cold. Bought cheap shit. Timberland shoes $59, Esprit scarf $5, Banana Republic shirt $15, awesome. North Face /Columbia only had XL and above for sale items.
  • Long bus ride back, Stan was chatting w/ bus driver.
  • Humongous 6 slice pizza, two slices each and we were stuffed. I couldn’t even finish my second slice.
  • Concussed from 7pm+ till 330am. Woke up. Skype w/ laobu & V. Heavy rain in Melbourne

Waking up in NYC, day one. Sofabed felt pretty good, although it had been a long while since I’d shared a room with Stan, much less a bed; took a bit of getting used to.

To borrow Stan’s caption: Frosty the Snowman took a huge dump in NYC, or a first look at the snowy streets of New York on a chill wintry morning. Yep, heaps of snow; actually ice if you wanna be precise.

And how could I forget the dirty ice which made for slippery pavements, so much that I was already telling myself yes I will get a stout pair of shoes as soon as we get to Woodbury.

And so it was cold thanks to the winds, the chill was slowly seeping into my crappy shoes, and I was cussing non-stop on our way to the Woodbury bus pickup point.

To quote myself in a video Stan took, it was “他妈的c***b**的冷lor!”

Apparently I was under the illusion that swearing would generate some anger/heat/self-induced satisfaction.

Walked ten blocks (about twenty minutes) to the coach pickup point, and it took a bit of eagle eye spotting before I found the bus.

Hello bus.

Random snap of fluffy sparrow while waiting.

Endured a lengthy wait in the cold while the coach driver went for breakfast (or a pee break or whatever-it-was he did). Got onto the coach, happily thawed for a bit.

Finally on the way! Notice all the empty seats.

After an intensely boring bus ride of an hour and a half (with Stan experiencing the pee trip of his life in the loo at the back of the bus – ever tried taking a leak in a bus chugging at top speed?), we finally reached Woodbury.. which blew my expectations somewhat. I had this image of a shopping mall, and what did I see? A bloody big area with each brand having its own store.

Literally a shopping village. And yes, that meant we had to walk outdoors (i.e. in the cold!) to get from store to store. And here I was, hoping for a nice warm building to walk around in.

The best part was, we got there at about 1000hrs. Most of the stores were still closed, and did not open until 1100hrs. Now what?

A map of Woodbury’s outlets. So many stores, you can actually list them from A to Z. So many stores, you need a map with colour-coded zones to navigate. Stan and I skipped like 70% of them, mostly chick stuff. Prada (yawn), Gucci (yawn) and so on, you get the idea.

We did however step into Coach for a little bit because I was on the lookout for a new wallet for V, and it was absolute pandemonium inside with a lady greeting us at the door. “Good morning! How are you today? We’re having 30% off on all items, here’s the coupon.” Crazy, just crazy. *shakes head*

We wisely marked down only the brands we were interested on the map we got, and avoided the rest of them chaos.

To sum the trip up:

  • We went to the various sports apparel brands (Nike, Adidas) and got nothing because they stocked mainly running stuff. I got a tee from Under Armour for fun, and the complimentary sling bag saved my ass later on in the trip. (More on that later.)
  • Outdoor brands (North Face, Columbia) have seriously fantastic deals if you’re an XL and above, which I obviously am not. Busted on this part, because I was hoping to get a new jacket.

Finished our shopping, went to the bus pickup point and.. what? No bus in sight. Continued to wait for another thirty minutes before a bus came and seeing as we were the only passengers, he agreed to drive us back to the East side. The return journey took nearly two hours because of traffic, which was just bad. I just snoozed my way through while Stan hopped out front to have a yak with the Jamaican driver.

We finally managed to get somewhat closer to home base (West Village instead of East) although the driver dropped us way off track (he thought we wanted 172nd St), and trudged our way back. Not forgetting to grab dinner of course!

Random dinner choice, cheese pizza with sausages on top from a place called Sal’s. We’re used to pizza having loads of toppings, and this one looked kinda plain but man did it taste good or what! The cheese was really, really awesome.

Look at the slice Stan was holding, that was a heck of a slice even by our gluttony standards. We had two slices each and collapsed right after that, totally *stuffed*. It usually takes a fair bit of food to fill us up, but this one was extreme.

Like really extreme. The two of us fell asleep right after that, talk about a literal carb overload. And that was pretty much it for the day.

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