Writing with pride.

I think of writing as something to be proud of. To be able to express your thoughts clearly, to write something that is as close to being flawless as you can get it, it’s all a matter of pride in your work.

It’s just the same like everything else you do, especially on something like writing that will hang around indefinitely without any degree of deterioration – you want it to be good the first time round. And by good, I mean good spelling and grammar, proper paragraphing and sentence structure, and no retarded use of incorrect contractions like “your” over “you’re” or “you are”. This is especially important when writing professionally, regardless of whether remuneration is being received or not.

In the end, it’s all about exhibiting professionalism. Honestly, I would be ashamed to write crap, even more so if I’m being paid for it. Not everyone thinks that way however, and with language being the fast and loose style it is on the internet, we can only look at a gradual decline on the quality of the written word. An unavoidable circumstance, seeing as everyone tends to settle into the path of least resistance, which means laziness without observing the rules.

Just a random rant on a random day.

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