The Boston Trip 2011 part VII – Ippudo, SoHo and pork chop rice.

5 Feb 2011, 2114hrs NY
Wokeup 730am, connected headset & laobu called on Skype rightaway – talk about good timing. Called V after that, and fell asleep again 9ish to 130 approx. Got ready, headed out to settle stuff for the day. Lunch @ Ippudo – great atmosphere from energetic staff. fantastic soup base. ~$15 per person.
Stan had the brilliant idea of getting a T-Mobile prepaid + $1.49 per day web access, Google Maps lots more useful now.
Headed down to SoHo, Stan got the curlers (but we couldn’t find the OPI colours), I got my North Face jackets at last. Pricey though! Bought CK undies for V & LS, not too sure if S fits V though. Oh well!
(& LAL-NOH was so boring, we stopped after Q1.)
Cold weather, after I fucked up & got us to Brooklyn on train, we headed home, unpacked & slacked off instead of going to the AHMIR event. Ordered pork chop rice from Excellent, min order $20 zzz.
Black guy who hustled $4 out of me for train tickets. We got in anyway so all good (?)
& Amazon makes awesome stuff. Kindle cover + light super wellmade.
MSG tomorrow!

After the all-too-exciting start, this day was in contrast, a very mundane and touristy one.

The famous Ippudo, recommended by the lovely ladies I consulted with. Bloody long queue, it was about 45 minutes’ wait so we left our names and went back out to get the T-Mobile prepaid and my Kindle. T-Mobile was quick, Staples even quicker.

It was at this point that I realised that the Staples Center in LA, was actually the same Staples that I was buying my Kindle from. Talk about being slow on the uptake huh?

Yummy ramen, exhuberant atmosphere.

If it’s your first time to New York, I would really suggest that you try this place out for the boisterous cheers welcoming you to the ramen joint if nothing else. The ramen tasted pretty good and I really liked the ramen soup base, yum. If you’re not full, ask for another round of noodles by paying an extra $2. Stan and I were full enough with the serving so that says something.

And this was the first place I actually had to tip, seeing as all the places we ate at previously were self-serve.

The rest of the day was pretty prosaic, I remember it being a rainy day while we wandered around SoHo looking for stuff on a shopping list that wasn’t our stuff (Stan’s friend and V’s stuff). Thankfully that didn’t last too long, and I had the good fortune of coming across a North Face outlet that had the jackets I wanted – at cheap prices woot! I love days like these.

We headed back after that (with an unintended detour to Brooklyn along the way).

Dinner. It didn’t look like much, but the pork chop was really quite decent. It’s good to have delivery on rainy evenings. We waited about 40 minutes before the guy arrived with our food though. This picture features the pork chop rice (aka 酸菜豬排飯)

Hot chicken soup on a cold and dreary evening.

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