Basketball: Finding the flow within offense.

I honestly did want to finish this post yesterday, but something else really interesting popped into my head, and before I knew it I’d spent ten hours (or more) into the idea, and the night was gone.


Yesterday’s morning session was kind of fun, because we had a full-court session with a bunch of Koreans who seemed to know what they were doing. Well, more than what we were doing at any rate. Picture a bunch of guys who hadn’t played together in months, and hadn’t actually played a full-court game together like.. never.

So it took a long while before we began to move better together on defense, shut their options down and get stops. Before that happened, we were forced into slow half-court possession after possession, and aided the other team with our horrendous movement, atrociously slow passing which led to easy steals and fast breaks. To give the other team credit, they did have pretty good perimeter defense which made penetration from outside pretty hard.

It was a relief when I finally started hitting my baseline shots, because I bricked approximately every bloody shot I took before that. The one thing that I kept forgetting in-game, was to relax my upper body and shoulders, square up and just shoot. Once that was done, the shots were going in pretty easy.

Not to deviate from the topic at hand, but a big problem I have with basketball right now is still to find the correct option on offense. It’s just a mental thing, being able to take what the defense gives you, and sometimes I’m too bent on doing what I want to do, rather than the correct option.

More practice needed, period.

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