Using Facebook to share Twitter posts – not exactly ideal.

(This was supposed to be yesterday’s post, but the damn scheduler stuffed up again.)

(I was doing some testing this morning on this process, so I figured I might as well document it.)

So I had a Twitter account for Celtics Down Under set up last night (@CelticsDownUnd), and it was configured to push tweets to the Celtics Down Under Facebook page.

My expected flow was this:

  • Publish new post on Celtics Down Under – site readers see the post
  • Twitter automatically tweets about new post (via site) – Celtics Down Under Twitter followers see the update
  • I manually retweet the tweet using my personal account – my Twitter followers see the update
  • Facebook page automatically publishes link to new post (via Twitter) – Facebook page fans see the update
  • I manually share the post via the Facebook page – My friends and subscribers see the update, notice the Facebook page as well.

The process is a little convoluted, but I figured that was how I was going to broadcast my updates.

The problem
I had expected the last step (aka my Facebook share) to display the “via Celtics Down Under” link, which would increase exposure to the Celtics Down Under page, and hopefully encourage a few clicks to the page.

What actually happened, was that it became a generic “via Twitter” share instead. Not a link to the Twitter account, just a backlink to Twitte That wasn’t really what I wanted, which sucked.

The workaround
I had to do a double post, basically reposting the same post manually on the Facebook page, and then sharing that update via my personal Facebook account. This is a bit clunky, but it’s what I’ll have to do for now.

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