Writing at a furious pace, strangely invigorating.

I lost count of the number of posts I have been working on these past couple of days, it must have been a record high. I did several posts for Celtics Down Under (constant labour of love), managed a full Chinese-English translation on a CBA trade rumour and submitted a draft of a buying guide (which has since been returned with comments for edits).

And of course, the daily staple post I have over here.

It should be extremely draining, but I’m feeling oddly energetic. If you discount the fact that I seem to be seeing double of everything in greyscale right now. (Nah nothing like that, I’m kidding.)

I guess it’s just fun when you do something you like, and to work and generate content on stuff that I love? It doesn’t feel like a chore, and probably never will. I’m just slightly worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep the pace of writing up, but that’s probably another worry for another day.

To talk about something interesting a friend shared on Facebook: Write or Die

It looks to be a very good tool for getting writers to focus on their task at hand. Thankfully, the constant writing has more or less instilled a certain level of discipline, which ameliorates the need for something like this. It feels like I’d be writing with a ticking time bomb over my head, should this be used.

Good stuff never came out of death threats, what do you reckon? One man’s meat is another’s poison, so it might just be what you need. Kudos to Jim for the share in the group.

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