Is the iPhone fading away?

Everyone has had their shot at ridiculing the iPhone 5, so here’s my take on the entire debacle, late as it may be.

iPhone 5 Was Last Apple Phone to Receive Steve Jobs’ Input – Tom’s Hardware

The website cites sources “familiar with the phone’s development” who claimed the last iDevice to receive detailed input from Jobs was the iPhone 5. Further unnamed sources suggests that Apple has yet to launch a product that Jobs “didn’t personally bless”.

If Jobs had signed off on this phone, it would have been a really, really weird decision on his part. That being said, the iPhone had been steadily holding ground since the iPhone 4S. Come on, Siri as the touted upgrade? Get out of here.

And now we have the iPhone 5, which is basically a thinner, faster and longer iPhone 4/4S – that’s hardware refinement, not really anything that’s bucking the trend. And the Apple Maps fiasco just puts a huge dent into user confidence levels. Not everyone uses maps on a daily basis, but it’s definitely an indispensable feature that causes massive inconvenience into everyone’s lives for now. Unwelcome as Google’s demands were for further iOS integration, Apple should have made its own Maps feature a stable thing before deciding to axe Google Maps.

For the iPhone 5 to further stagnate and not come through in terms of groundbreaking innovation and creativity the way Apple has always been known for? It just speaks volumes of the enormous clout Jobs had during his Apple tenure. Granted Jony Ives, chief designer and Jobs’ main creative muse is still at Apple, but I doubt Ives would be able to get much past corporate groupthink. According to the Jobs biography, it was always Steve Jobs who rammed the various unpalatable changes and countless minute revisions past everyone.

Much to be said about having a reality distortion field huh?

I foresee Apple gradually become just one of the boys as time goes by, and no longer the leader it once was. Not unless another mad visionary genius pops to the fore for them.

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