Summer league, here we come!

First game of the new season yesterday, new team mmmm. It was a bunch of guys wearing jerseys in the Chicago Bulls colours and style, except the front was missing the words “CHICAGO”. My point? Never, ever do anything like that. It looked awful, like a lion with three legs.

We started the game trailing by a few points, which was embarrassing to say the least. The pace picked up afterwards, and we won by five points. (Honestly we should have won by more.)

The other team’s major failing was in the way they passed the ball on offense. They passed from the perimeter into the paint in a manner that was too slow and obvious, which led to the passes being picked off multiple times. That, was how we got back into the game.

To be fair, they didn’t really suck all that bad. They did pretty well on offensive rebounding, which in part was due to our failure to box out.

Anyway, a win is a win eh?

Funniest part of the game was when Nick and I were at the scorekeeper’s table, and we were hollering “TRAVELLLLLLLL!” when one of their guys did a blatant travel. Nick was asking if we’d get tech-ed for that, but a travel’s a travel isn’t it?

With summer ahead, let’s hope the courts aren’t going to get too muggy and uncomfortable.

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