The one about the rotator cuff.

It sure seems like childcare is taking its toll on my body. Funny how various bits and pieces are breaking down after I began this stint. If you skip the tendonitis on my left knee (old injury), I’ve got my lower back, a wonky right knee (recovered), a shaky left ankle (sometimes) and now a possibly torn rotator cuff. It had been going on and off for a while (I kept thinking it was because of my sleeping posture), but it’s gotten pretty bad right now.

If I had to rate this pain on a 1 to 10 scale where 1 was an antbite and 10 was extreme kill-me-right-now pain, this would be a 5. I could probably grit my teeth and ignore it, but it is bad enough right now to cause noticeable discomfort.

Symptoms: Pain when moving right shoulder forwards and backwards. Pain when moving arm upwards. Did not lift heavy objects with sharp pains being felt. Did not lift heavy objects with right arm – weird no? I’m a left-hander, and I carry Elly with my left arm most of the time too.

Self-diagnosis: Degenerative rotator cuff partial tear. Probably not a full-tear.

Treatment: No effing idea. According to the unreliable internet, stimulating blood flow is a must. Physiotherapy is recommended, surgery in extreme cases.

End of basketball for the rest of the year, possibly? I would really hate for this to happen, but damn.

(I’ll play one-handed if I have to. With a shoulder brace dammit.)

(Unless I was ordered to stay off basketball or risk permanent injury.)

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