The fundamental pieces of site building, the start of a long road.

Now that the groundwork for Celtics Down Under was done, all that remains is to apply consistency.

Consistency, which means I have to be disciplined enough to populate the site with content on a daily basis. Unless it is an emergency, I have to do my best to keep the site running. Tall order, but that’s how it has to be done. Naturally, it would be easier with a team of guys, but we’ll get to that part later – right now it’s strictly a one-man show.

Twitter: The second piece of the puzzle of course, has to do with interaction. I have to market Celtics Down Under onto the internet and build site awareness. Twitter of course, is the perfect means of achieving that. Through Twitter, I keep in touch with the latest NBA news, follow media members/fans, and distribute my content via the Celtics Down Under Twitter handle (@CelticsDownUnd). It’s amazing how I am interacting with all these other people out there, the power of Twitter truly cannot be underestimated. I’m able to talk directly to other site owners, fellow fans, and even provide assistance with column translations as a part of profile building. Needless to say, Twitter is fuelling a great deal of my daily interaction these days.

Facebook: Of course, Facebook is another useful means of building up the site. Facebook Pages provide a means of connecting to Facebook users, seeing as not everyone uses Twitter. The one downside of Facebook however, is that the updates sometimes get lost in the fast-moving Facebook stream, which makes things a little less than ideal. Nevertheless, building the site’s Facebook brand is pretty important, so I will continue building the Celtics Down Under Facebook Page a little bit at a time.

The problem with page building is that the task of getting more fans seems to be falling to means outside Facebook (i.e. external referrals), rather than any internal marketing tools Facebook offers. I’m unable to reach out to anyone outside my own network unless my friends share the page, which would require a fair bit of momentum/incentive to do so. Perhaps a lucky draw for Celtics gear? HMMMM. Another story for another time.

Yes, I know Facebook Ads exist. I’m not interested in paying Facebook just to get more fans though, quite pointless. Organic growth would be the best option here, paid CPC ads are not the answer.

Sulia: Sulia is pretty popular for NBA media as a means of news aggregation by topic. Credible sources are displayed prominently, so I would expect this to be very helpful in reaching out to people. The key of course, is getting to the “credible source” bit. More grinding required, period.

That’s all for now. Site building takes time, and the initial grind is always necessary to get the site moving. With perseverance, I’m confident that the site will take flight eventually.


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