Writing from another angle.

This may sound weird, but my latest inspiration to write came from this post by JR on CelticsLife about getting new writers.


We want Bleed Green obsessed diehards who will write daily. By daily we mean every day. We want people who read the newswire and follow the who’s who on twitter and can post breaking news when it happens. We want people that can post recaps and write opinion pieces. Not just fan boy stuff like “Rondo is great.” Columns like that are great and all. I love Rondo too, but we also want people who are willing to write stuff like why did Ainge draft Fab Melo over PJ3? or the Celtics should trade either Bradley or Lee for Smith. Even if I don’t agree with every opinion of all the writers on here, I like pieces that bring about debate. Too many bloggers just recycle the same puff pieces over and over.

So to some of the disclaimers, we probably won’t add you to the team (or keep you) if you rarely write and when you do it’s vanilla and bland. I mean lame humor is worse that no humor (If you haven’t been told by many people that you’re funny, then you’re probably not funny), but we do like writers that are entertaining. So again please only apply for this position if you’re committed to writing daily.

It’s a frank reminder to me not to write boring pieces that give the obligatory nod of the head to published columns and simply agree with whatever else is out there. Articles are what they are because of the writers. Every writer has his own take on the story, and unless you prove yourself to be different, why should anyone bother with reading your words? Regardless of the hundred hours you took in polishing things to perfection, perspective is key.

Groupthink is always bad, and if you disagree on something you should say it out (respectfully). Backing up your stand is equally important, you don’t want to be spewing bullshit. Or worse, boring bullshit. At least people wouldn’t mind reading bullshit if it’s funny, which says a lot about humour – you can write bullshit and still have people read it.

All up, I’ll be working harder to push my brains in various directions when writing, just so that I do not settle into a comfort zone and write whatever’s easiest/comes to mind first.

Once again, perspective is key. (And humour.)

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