Online book shopping: Booko’s what you need

Gone are the days of countless (and mostly fruitless) hours spent in dusty little bookshops feverishly bookhunting. The internet is rapidly becoming a cornucopia of riches for us mad bibliophiles (read: book addicts). With a few strokes of the keyboard and the click of a mouse, the world’s literary riches are available to us in all their glory – books, books everywhere!

However, with such a wide variety, the shrewd online shopper persona kicks in – we do want the best deal out there, don’t we?

Thus begins the exhausting process of comparing books. Pretty soon, nightmarish deal comparison spreadsheets appear, with figures filling every column, the result of hours upon hours of browsing. Needless to say, this scenario is completely unacceptable – we want the internet to do our work for us!

This is where Booko ( comes in. Booko ( is a splendid little book search engine, and what a wonderful thing it is. It lets you search for a particular book, and displays the results in an easy-to-read manner, with an option to view the various editions available.

Clicking on “editions” displays a list of the editions (with cover art), the current prices available for used copies, and the price range for new copies. As soon as you have clicked on the edition you prefer, Booko displays a list of websites that have the book in stock, along with the price, delivery charge and condition.

Really, how much easier could getting a good deal on a book be? From one bibliophile to another, I would suggest checking Booko out right away.

Tip: Used books are the real steals over here. If you want the best deal, get a used book – new books, like new cars, are overrated.

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