How to hold a contest in Facebook – the right way.

So I had this brilliant idea of holding a contest for Celtics Down Under for the season opening game, and went about getting it done.

I hadn’t actually known about restrictions until V pointed it out but apparently, you cannot use Facebook as the actual mechanism for carrying out a contest on your Facebook page.

To elaborate a little, this means no contests like:

  • Uploading a photo and the ones with the most likes/comments win
  • Holding a voting contest on Facebook
  • Holding a sweepstakes style lucky draw on Facebook

There are also other things you cannot do on Facebook (officially), like announcing the winner or corresponding with the winner. The rules are quite strict on this, and basically insist on the use of a third-party app for anything related to the operation of the contest.

The one thing you are allowed to do on Facebook? Promote your contest.

I ended up using a website called ShortStack to design the contest interface, which took about two hours’ work all up. It wasn’t exactly difficult, but a bit of messing around was involved. That being said, ShortStack is fairly easy to use.

The full regulations can be found on Facebook, while an easy-to-read explanation is presented on MelbourneIT.

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