The Boston Trip 2011 part VIII – Knicks and the Garden in NY

6 Feb 2011, 0306hrs NY
Got woken up by Stan wanting to use my Skype to call CBA – CC fraud (prob due to his Taobao purchase).
Hopped on subway, brekkie @ Europa. Not too bad breakfast, decent portions. Free MetroCards $1.70 bal x2, used them after topup. Pickup fr machine
MSG good place w/ great atmosphere & fans. Place is so damn big, we walked up endless flights of escalators to get to our seats. Knicks team store full of merchandise > NBA store.
Good game by Knicks, 3s & Amar’e offense (midrange) & Landry Fields is crazy, super un-rookie like. Ate hotdog @ halftime.
Hopped down to Professor Thom’s after that. Pretty good sports bar but not enough Celtics fans. Pretty bartender! Chicken fingers were good, I had a Bud Lite. Marquis injured but C’s rallied & brought W.
Walked to this store (Tokyo Toys or something), bought Angry Birds plush & gift for Linda.
Supermarket w/ loads of organic stuff. Interesting colour coded queue system. Three queues A B & C, screen w/ counter pops up w/ colour (and alphabet), & you head over.
New Fei Ma for dinner, & Stan KO0ed after that, right after 7pm. Not as cold as previous days but still pretty cold right now.

Our first visit to Madison Square Garden, and our first NBA game at that; exciting doesn’t even begin to cut it.

Pretty good breakfast at this place opposite MSG called Europa cafe, good research by Stan.

Pretty good food, and very affordable (as is everything else over there). Pancakes for me, bacons/hash browns/eggs for Stan.

HELLO MSG! The best stadium ever, Bill calls it. I call it an awesome first stop : ) It may not be Celtics v Lakers, but the Sixers aren’t too shabby either.

It does look sort of ordinary though. Doesn’t it strike you as an ordinary office building? If you missed out the words MADISON SQUARE GARDEN that is.


Look at the flood of merchandise available! And this is just the ground floor, we’re not even past admission yet. The main store is inside the stadium and promises to bigger, and much better stocked. If all stadiums are like this, then this feels like a sign of good things to come : )

And it may be just the Sixers, but there were tons of folks streaming in for the game. Good to see everyone supporting the Knicks even on a season game. The atmosphere feels pretty good already heh heh.

yeahh Amar’e the monster! This was taken before Melo came to the Knicks so Amar’e was still the star of the show at that time.

Stan looks very happy here at the official merchandise store and his first purchase – a Knicks baseball cap! If you’re a Knicks fan, can’t miss this stop.

Incidentally, this was where he lost his beanie too. We ended up having to head back to Footlocker to buy an exact replacement later on in the trip.

After numerous flights of escalators we finally reached our seats. The cheaper your ticket, the higher it is, which naturally = more escalators. We went up nine levels I think -___-

Cheapest seats ($30 IIRC) but still a good view of the court! Much better than we expected anyway – we thought it was going to be a view of ants running up and down the court ;p The kids you see on the court are part of their dance group, can’t remember what they were called.

Sixers warming up!

So, there’s a huge jump here because we were too busy watching the game to take any pictures. To sum it up, Sixers played good but Knicks were just unstoppable behind Amar’e and his crazy unmissable midrange shots.

So Knicks win the game, everyone files out at the same time and we get stuck walking down the staircase at MSG. Like really stuck. It took us ten minutes to get down to the ground floor IIRC, Z.

And after that we hopped onto the subway and headed off to Professor Thom’s, an Irish sports pub that supports Boston (obviously!) Just in time to catch the Celtics slugging it out against the Magic on TV : )

Watching an NBA game in a pub on a lazy afternoon, just having a beer and munching on chicken sticks; man that’s life. Feels really good to be able to walk to the pub and just do that every game night.

We were actually feeling pretty good at first; it’s like hell yeah how cool is watching NBA in a pub! The cheer rapidly evaporated after we watched Marquis Daniels fall onto the ground and remain deathly still after smashing his face into Gilbert Arenas. No shit, you could literally hear the home crowd at the Garden slump into shocked silence. He was hauled off on a stretcher, and was diagnosed with a bruised spine IIRC.

(Most of the other patrons in the pub didn’t really know what happened, and I remember a chick asking who that fellow was. Seems like they were in early for the Super Bowl heh.)

And that, basically was the turning point of season 2010-2011. The final straw that broke the camel’s back, and the final push towards that plethora of trades that resulted in Perk being traded.

That was pretty much it for the rest of the day. We wandered around, bought some food, had dinner back at Linda’s pad and went into hibernation mode yet again. There’s just something about winter in NY that lulled us into a sleepy mood all the time. I hogged the netbook, Stan spent his time reading the NatGeo magazines Linda had.

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