The Boston Trip 2011 part IX – Tick Tocking fried chicken

8 Feb 2011, 0208hrs NY
Finally a day where I lasted past local time midnight & didn’t feel sleepy. A minor achievement of sorts? Today = clear shopping list day. Stan realised he lost his new Timberland beanie, moral of story? Check before moving off to new location. (SAF teaches useful stuff) (someimes.)
TickTock diner = great American food. Stan finally got his “frieeeed chicken!”, which really tasted great. No more KFC after you have this, I assure you.
Macy’s is like a super Myer, filled w/ a shitload of ladies stuff. I got really, really sleepy inside, & was really glad to be out.
Bought a pair of bball shoes @ Times Sq Footlocker, while Stan was looking at his beanie. (The beanie could only be found @ the Times Sq outlet, we visited 2 x Footlocker + others & it wasn’t to be found anywhere! So it probably is fate that dragged me to buy the AJ Cover 3. Great fit IMO, can’t wait to try it out on the court.
Bed, Bath & Beyond is a really swell place, I wish we have this in Melbourne. Loads of interesting homeware stuff, even the Shake Weight! Pity it’s 5lbs (~3kg?) can’t bring it back. Otherwise, @ $30 good buy IMO.
By another random twist of fate, stumbled across the Shake Shack. Pretty place w/ lights & all that snow, romantic even.
Stan proceeded to mop the living room after we came back, and we watched the Bobcats pound the Celts into defeat. Yet another back to back game lost.
Boston is COMING.

Just another post-snowstorm day in New York. Big chunks of ice all over the streets, and pavements are still slippery. And did I mention it’s cold?

Walking in the cold, looking left and right for things to clear off our shopping list and I was looking for a place to stop over and eat. And what did I see, but Tick Tock? Hadn’t really read any reviews before that but I told Stan, “I have a good feeling about this” and went straight in.

The place already looked awesome from the moment we got in, felt like one of those traditional American diners. Took a seat, and saw the menu cover.

“EAT HEAVY” – niceeeeee : ) I’m liking this place more and more.

A look at the inside of the cafe. Out of the cold, feeling alll warm and toasty inside and waiting to order. Looked at the menu for a bit, and finally decided on the turkey ham sandwich lunch set.

Stan on the other hand, was all ready to go for his “FRYYYYYYYYYED CHEEEEKEN!”

So the waitress asked, “what would you like as a drink?” “Dr Pepper please.” She simply nodded, and scribbled on her pad. And this, gentlemen is how life should be like – being able to order Dr Pepper straight up in a cafe.

One of the little things that I miss about being in US : )

Stan with his FRIED CHICKEN! Tons better than KFC, crispy juicy and bloody finger-licking good. Tick Tock’s fried chicken is something you really have to try, no sh!t.

It nearly killed him on the effort to finish them fries though, it was really a handful.

So we had to trek back to the Footlocker store at Times Square after our meal because Stan wanted to get a replacement beanie (aka the exact same one) for the one he lost in MSG.

So we got there, Stan grabbed his beanie and I ended up buying a pair of Air Jordans. Started yakking with the guy (name’s Blake) who was helping me with the shoes, turns out he’s a Ray Allen fan! Great guy : )

Here’s a picture with Blake and another dude at the store before we left. And Blake, I’m sorry I couldn’t get Ray’s autograph for you!

After a whole day trudging around the streets and taking several purchases off the list (including my $250 North Face jacket that was on sale – $250 sale?!), exploring the hugeass Bed Bath and Beyond that contains all sorts of interesting things for the home (pity there’s none of that in Melbourne), we got sidetracked while trying to get home and somehow ended up staring at this. Those strung up lights really made it look like a cool place to hang around, chill out (literally) and just relax; talk about a sight for sore eyes.

Behold, the Shake Shack! Yet another place that sells sliders, shakes fries and whatnot, my kind of chow. Good reviews on Yelp so I had it marked on my list and somehow walked into it by some twist of fate. Fate, schmate whatever eh? Time to eat.

And that’s was how the day went, ending with junk food at at a picturesque fast food outlet in the snow.

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