Lasting the full stretch is never a walk in the park.

So a friend of mine participated in the Subaru Challenge over in Singapore yesterday. For those who are new to this, it’s basically a last man standing event, where all participants compete to have their hand on a designated spot on the Subaru WRX. Allocated breaks in between, nothing else but a real grind on the body and mind.

Honestly, the thought of even joining something like this turns me off – my body is not built for long periods of inactivity like this. Even using the standing desk for prolonged stretches tires me, not to mention standing beside a damn car with my palm in one spot for a seeming eternity without a pee break for hours. Like seriously? Suicidal is the word.

I’ll cut the crap short here, but total respect to anyone who even attempts something crazy like this. To my old friend Meng, you did well in trying – take pride in that.

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