Seeing a bit of the flow, at last.

So we won the Sunday game.

The win was good, but equally good was the fact that everyone was moving more on offense. There were more cutters in the high post, more backdoor cuts, more guys popping to the wing for an open shot. This made it a lot easier to pass the ball really, and it’s honestly the first time I’ve felt like I have got multiple passing options while handling the ball. Of course, I was feeling quite relaxed and a lot calmer than usual in game, which helped open up my court vision somewhat.

There’s something very satisfying about making a good hard pass to the right spot to a teammate. Of course, it just gets better when the teammate does something useful with the ball (scoring, making another good pass, drawing a foul). It felt really good when James called for the ball, and I fired one over with him stepping right into the pocket. He set his feet and swished a three, just like that. The other guys had several good opportunities to finish their shots too, with some right under the basket but it was just bad luck they missed – I’ll have to pass the ball earlier next time.

There was also this little dish from Emre that I managed to finish with a floater in the paint, credit to Emre for seeing the cut.

Great team rebounding too, it was good to secure some defensive boards and get out on the run, earning some free throws along the way. We could have done better on closing out on them in the passing lanes, but I’m not complaining. Honestly, it could have been worse. We did good with our energy and that’s a start.

I’m also happy to see Gary taking it in to just rack those contact fouls under the basket up. He missed a lot of the FTs, but I’m not worried on that. So long as he stays aggressive and keeps at it, it’ll be easier to rack the team fouls up. The team fouls really helped us stay in control of the game in the second half, keeping us ahead with the clock winding down.

Looking forward to the games ahead.

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