Wrapping up the third month of full-time daddyhood.

So, third month of the SAHD era.

The one thing I have learnt so far, is to stay vigilant. Things might look like they settle into a pattern at times, but the routine constantly evolves with time. Sleeping patterns, feeding habits, nothing stays exactly the same. The trick is to know how things are, and to adapt.

Outside of this iron rule, it has been decidedly easier after the bathroom fiasco ended. I find that each day allows limited pockets of uninterrupted time — involving tasks that are best accomplished without a baby clinging to my legs — with which I need to get things done. Things like writing posts, making my lunch (and actually having it), taking a nap or having a shower. More often than not, it ends up being a choice between doing half of the options available.

A small bonus has been the purchase of the playpen coupled with the power of Mickey Mouse on TV. I know TV isn’t exactly the best form of entertainment for babies of this age, and it’s a weapon that I use sparingly once a day. With Mickey Mouse, I’m free to take a quick shower while she’s blissfully unaware of her imprisonment for a while. Time is of the essence over here, because that euphoria instantly evaporates the moment the episode ends.

I have to remind myself to be thankful for this change of environment, and to be able to watch my little girl gurgle happily and take those uneven, stumbling, yet valiant steps towards independence. She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of walking yet, although it’s not out of a lack of trying. She’ll get there.

In the meantime, she’s resigned to crawling around the house with every intention of examining anything and everything she can get her hands on. That of course, includes the preliminary ritual of making a mess first. Restacking my DVD collection has become an activity I have to perform three or four times a day.

These days are a reminder of how parenthood is never easy, especially full-time parenting. I count myself fortunate to be able to experience this, in a day and age when the idea of two working parents are the societal norm, and outsourced child care is a common solution.

Amazing how it’s only been three months, and it feels like six already.

Between writing, parenting, ball and rest, it’s been hard to get gaming time in. I need to get that into my list of things to do sometime soon, especially when Assassin’s Creed III is here – yum.

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