Wazapp: Take a chill pill while the wizards work.

I can just picture this: Wazapp users on the verge on insanity, moaning “NOOOOOOO NO WHATSAPP MY LIFE IS OVER!

Chill guys. Like we all know, Wazapp was created because WhatsApp (the company) refused to produce a client for the Nokia N9. Ever since Wazapp was started, WhatsApp has been making changes to the login process on their end, which necessitated similar changes to be implemented on the Wazapp client.

Wazapp is down once again as of 30 Oct 2012. According to the discussion on Github, it seems like WhatsApp has instituted a new protocol on their end (known as WhatsApp protocol 1.2). Simply put: rather than the minor changes on a few bytes of the previous times, switching to 1.2 involves more changes on the authentication mechanism.

So sit tight guys, have some patience for the people who are working hard trying to figure out how protocol 1.2 works. Being a fellow Wazapp user, I know it sucks to have it not working. If you are able to contribute to the effort, I would suggest that you head over to the Github thread and help out. Otherwise – patience.

Update 02 Nov 2012: looks like a fix is on the way!

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