The standing desk experiment, part II.

Not too shabby, it’s been two weeks since this experiment began.

The main takeaway so far, is that I need a pair of good shoes in the house. It feels like my feet are not used to this amount of abuse on a daily basis (without shoes), and the heels especially were screaming in protest after the first couple of days. Cushioning, very important.

A good thing that came out of it? No more aches in the shoulders. Very, very big relief.

Something I really need to work out, is the height of the mousepad (and mouse). The wrong height makes the elbow ache after prolonged use – or perhaps it’s just that breaks were supposed to be taken in between, and I simply chugged on like the hardcore user I was.

I’ll check back again at the one month mark and see how well this thing goes. As things stand now, definitely a good idea.

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