Anticipation and the gift of parenthood.

The break draws ever closer, and I’m almost done packing.

There’s a sense of anticipation as the flight draws near, and yet I’m filled with a slight sense of unease. I guess it has to do with a lack of complete faith in handing over the child care duties. Nevertheless, there is no better learning grounds than the actual experience itself, and it’s good that V gets exposed to a full week of parenthood.

All too often, parenthood is seen as a burden, and in today’s society it is more than acceptable to outsource the labour, be it to the parents or paid help externally. Being a full-time parent is physically exhausting and mentally unstimulating at times. It is a mundane routine for the most part, but yet filled with unexpected surprises at every turn. It’s no walk in the park, but if you ask me? It is something everyone should get a taste of.

Like I told Stan the other night, parenthood has come to mean an accelerated maturation in one’s life. It’s about learning to take care of another, about being careful not to make mistakes that could prove costly. It’s about being constantly watchful, constantly learning, and staying calm in a crisis. It’s about learning to the virtue of observation over action, about understanding the situation before trying to fix it. Parenthood is about learning to love unconditionally, to give without expecting anything in return and putting the needs of another above yourself. It’s about responsibility, and learning the simple joys of labour that money can never replace.

It’s pretty hard to sum the entire experience up, but I hope I’ve provided a small look into how being one is like. Most importantly: I’m glad I decided to become a stay at home dad, because it’s a journey that’s all about being a better human being.

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