About conversation, giving and receiving.

An intimate conversation is one of the things that I enjoy a lot. An engaging conversation requires active participation, a willingness to share and trust in each other.

(Incidentally, isn’t that how marriage is supposed to be?)

My friend brought a story up the other day, something I think is very true.

All too often, we exist as independent and prideful individuals. We eschew help, are proud in our ability to fend for ourselves, and end up being less than willing to receive help.

No man is ever an island however, and what makes human life so rich and meaningful lies in our relationships with each other. Part of that includes reaching out – being able to give help, and receive help in return. These are all little ties that strengthen our bonds with each other, and makes us all believe in the strength of human relationships.

So stay humble and willing to receive help. Stay appreciative of the help from others, and above all – thankful that we have friends and family around us.

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