Core competencies?

Over the years, Winston and I have always been able to get productive conversations going. He likes to bounce ideas off me, and I like the way his questions and train of thought lead me off to muse over angles I would not usually think about.

He’s the realistic, ROI-oriented kind of guy, and he was trying to get me to think harder about what my strengths were. I jokingly kidded about being a man of too many talents, while he chuckled and called bullshit.

Honestly though, figuring out something that merges my (self-perceived) strengths is a little tough. I think of myself as a writer who emphasizes economy over word spew, a conversationalist who pushes the discussion directly towards points of importance, a nitpicky proofreader, a responsible manager that understands constraints, a good troubleshooter with enough intuition to work without a checklist, and a fairly competent sounding board on technology.

Elaboration on sounding board: I’m definitely not the sharpest knife on the block, but I know a bit of most things to be useful. SEO, web development, programming, UX, networking, server, CMS, database, virtualisation – I have a good idea on what most things are, and give decent enough advice to people who need it. The million dollar question is: what do I do with some vague-sounding “skill” like this? Probably a project management role I reckon, one that requires the manager to know enough to manage his guys, but not one that requires wading too deep into the techie end.

Or the even better question: how do I merge all of my skills into a one liner summary that describes me?

Mission impossible at the moment.

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