Rain in Bangkok.

Today marks the first time I’ve ever been rained on in Bangkok. Not that fun apparently, since mosquitoes get an open invitation to the party and feast on my legs for all they’re worth. That, and the fact that dreary weather makes all that trudging around Chatuchak a little less fun. Interesting fact: every subsequent trip to the weekend market takes less time, because I’m less and less inclined to cover the entire area as I get older. Of course, having a sprained ankle doesn’t help in the least.

(A few other interesting blurps for the archives.)

The super cabby who got us to our destination in record time, weaving through the streets and Sois with unflappable calm. When faced with a jam, he gave a half-smile and promptly turned into the next lane. Watching him on my phone’s GPS felt like I was witnessing some computer AI easily traversing a level 0 maze – bah, too easy.

Not forgetting the thorough Thai massage at Health Land, professionalism at its peak. Where else do you find a masseur performing remedial massage on a sprained ankle with no prior notice? Full marks seriously.

And it’s the last night of my holiday at last. Good things come to an end, bad things never last forever, and time flows with the unceasing pace of an unhurried man. I’ve had a pretty good break, and may the next one be better than this.

Aside from over-whistling, constantly losing my way, an incessant refusal to use the big notes before the smaller ones, being overly focused on slipper shopping and an avid burper after meals, I think I’ve been a pretty good travel companion.

Not forgetting: thanks to the FG for not complaining (too much), her good humour and temper (most of the time) is what makes her a great friend and travel mate. I doubt we’ll get another stab at something like this ever again, so this will probably be our last trip together. May the memories last forever.

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