The difference in not knowing, and not trying.

Everyone kicks off on common ground – plain ignorance. None of us are born knowing, we acquire what we need through experience and lessons learnt. Painful experiences, learning curves, you know the drill.

The one thing about work people do not realise, is that experience is the key. No one can take away what you know (barring a solid hammer blow to the head), and your value is tied to your knowledge and experience.

The workplace is a harsh place at times, and there is a constant reminder to the savvy, yet jaded employee about “only doing what you are responsible for”. If it’s got nothing to do with you, you had best keep your hands clean. A safe approach no doubt, but it curtails our opportunities to grow.

We only gain and learn from what we do. By doing less, we learn little. Who do you think benefits in the end? I’m a strong advocate of learning beyond your role, because that is the only way you can keep growing and moving beyond what you do right now. Take advantage of every opportunity, never let go of any chances to sink your fangs into a colleague’s (figurative) fountain of wisdom.

Not knowing something is never a sin. Never be afraid to admit your lack of knowledge. Not trying however, speaks about the level of effort. So never let it be said that you did not try, but rather that you did your best to learn but failed.

Keep learning, keep growing and keep moving.

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