Accepting criticism.

One of the toughest things to do, is to accept remarks and criticism without being naturally defensive.

Keep an open mind, view the comment objectively and reflect on the matter – is it really true?

Only by being receptive, then can we better ourselves.

Basketball: Shooting consistency

I had a great session at MSAC on Saturday morning; nothing like basketball to reinvigorate the body and mind.

The part I enjoyed most? Shooting practice.

I must have shot about fifty jumpers in a row at least with Kenrick’s help. Damn arms, neck and shoulders were sore, but it’s good in helping to reawaken muscle memory.

The problem with shots not going in usually has to do a hitch somewhere in the shot. Hanging too long, not spreading my palm out wide, crooked shot pocket, one thing or the other. If I do it all right, the shot should just swish. Anything else means I did something wrong, but it wasn’t enough to kill the shot. A missed shot means I fcuked my routine up pretty bad.

Looking forward to ball again later in the morning – need to get more time in while I still can!

The end of the SAHD road.

It looks like the SAHD journey will definitely come to a close next year – sure was interesting while it lasted.

Plans have been made, and while nothing is set in stone yet, it’s likely Elly will be travelling more next year. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not, but this change is a pretty neat one, and ties multiple loose ends up neatly.

2013 is gonna be another interesting year yet again.

Do not feed the troll.

The thing to remember about running anything on the internet, a lot of people have opinions that differ from yours, and some of them find satisfaction in giving either rude, dumb or biased opinions.

Rather than taking offense, learn to take a step back and chill. The primary rule about people like these: under no circumstances do you give additional fodder.

Having said that, it’s tough. The urge to either give a sarcastic comeback or indulge in a flame war is overpowering at times. Times like these make me appreciate the toughness one needs to survive the hard knocks public opinion dishes.


When passion for the game overrules all else.

So I got up at 0400hrs today, and watched the Celtics cruise to a victory over the Nets. On a road game. With Pierce scoring less than 10 points.

Man, this has to be some kind of weird mojo game seriously. But it’s good to know my watching live games in the wee hours doesn’t jinx the team or something. The last few times I got up for these 12pm games, the C’s lost every single one of ’em.

I’m still not convinced they’ve found their direction though, it’s still a lucky break to me. Consistency is the key, let’s start streaking before we talk about getting it.

Thoughts on parenthood

Have to admit, I wasn’t exactly the most independent person around when I first left in ’07. Living at home for twenty-odd years does that to you. Five years of living in our own place helped, but it still was rough when I became a dad, more so when I became a SAHD.

Suddenly, I’m expected to be a nurse, educator and homemaker, all rolled in one. And to do a good job while I’m at it. I hadn’t the foggiest idea on things to be honest. I remember the first day at home. I took a deep breath and thought: “Woah, now I’m really in charge. Better not fcuk it up.”

Some things I have learnt over the past year:

  • Retail is evil, don’t buy everything you see. Many are either overpriced, optional or unnecessary. Possibly all of the three.
  • First-hand clothes are overrated. Used items from baby markets or family and friends are the best way to go. Same rule applies to toys.
  • TV, smart phones and tablets are tools to be used only in moderation or desperation. Leaving your kid to these modes of entertainment for extended periods = laziness on your part, and a bad habit on their part.
  • Be observant and ready to learn about your kid: it’s not a one-way street where you stuff your “wisdom” down his throat.
  • Stay positive and keep that smile on. Your kid takes a cue from you, showing a grumpy face doesn’t help. (No shit, this makes a real difference.)
  • Sleep is worth its weight in gold when you are a full-time parent.
  • Don’t forget about who you are, bub is priority but you have to get in some me time as well.
  • Show respect to friends: do not yak incessantly about parenthood in front of them, especially those who do not have kids. Not everyone is interested in your kid’s eating habits and quirky mannerisms.
  • Parenthood is not a chore, have fun! It’s probably the most two-way journey ever – frustrating as hell at times, but just so joyful otherwise.

Merry Christmas to everyone, stay cheerful and positive in the new year ahead.

When not everything is about them moolah.

I like to do things without thinking too much about about how I can get something out of it, especially dollars and cents.

Silly I know, but that’s how I roll.

Passion first, moolah second: The interest has got to be there, otherwise it’s just selling oneself. It needs to be fun!

Practicality first, frivolous details second: It needs to work first, look pretty second.

Have a good Christmas y’all! I’m just happy to be at home after a great Christmas dinner.