Funny how the pieces add up.

Life is like a jigsaw puzzle on hindsight, you never know how the pieces add up until much later.

The very first piece came in my polytechnic days, when we had to learn HTML in a Java module. All that hand writing on HTML came in handy after all, and damn did those codes stay with me all these years.

You know what they say about the army days. When there’s shit to be done, you get it done. Outside of that, you loafed around a lot. So I dabbled around with Adobe Photoshop and CSS during those years. The resource-intensive Photoshop kept my computer on the verge of death for quite a while, as I remember it. CSS was good learning, but you soon realised everything was linked to everything, and creating a table-less layout wasn’t as easy as it seemed.

I got my first taste of PHP on a web programming module in university. Having learnt JSP before, PHP was something in a similar vein so it wasn’t exactly rocket science. PHP was, and still is a very popular language so it was good I picked it up. This is honestly one of the few useful things I gained from university, the rest of it being inapplicable theoretical crass.

At the same time, I migrated the blog from Blogger to self-hosted WordPress. WordPress involved a gradual but huge learning curve of its own. Learning the features, using PHP to modify the theme, theme debugging, little bits of this and that. I was dumb enough to overlook the one-click install feature available on my webhost at that time, and that forced me to learn the manual install process, easy as it is.

Work over in Australia the past few years broadened my horizons considerably, as I got the opportunity to dip my fingers into many different pots. Incidentally, the basics of SEO and Google AdWords were things I picked up along the way.

So everything added up along the way, and it’s interesting how random learning points in my life form my portfolio on web-related skills.

Learning never stops, and I’m definitely no specialist in any of these areas. But I know enough to make my way around them somewhat, and to be able to communicate with the actual specialists should the need arise. This, to me is good enough for now.

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