Tech: The redesigned N9 keyboard.

I thought this was really cool: someone actually redesigned the N9 keyboard with some interesting oodles built in.

For example, a num pad. Dayum. And left/right arrow keys, talk about much-needed functions.

Sometimes, we make ourselves adapt to the constraints the product forces on us, and fail to consider the fact that it could be otherwise on the user interface. Like, why can’t it be better designed? A pity completely customised products for the individual is still some ways off in this world of ours.

Kudos to Shaun for this mod, I like this new and improved layout. It sure takes a bit of getting used to, but that’s what we do in life, we adapt.

Hmm, hold on. Did I just type something about constraints and going otherwise, and then talk about adapting to new constraints?

Just messing around with ya heh.

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