The supposed doomsday (yet again).

12 Dec 2012, the latest in a long string of failed doomsday predictions. Everything seems to be ticking though. No meteor showers/tsunami/thunderstorms/other-assorted-apocalyptic-signs, I guess it’s a good thing. On to the next date! These predictions are a constant source of amusement, it’s amazing why there’s so much hype over the next date. Ah, the world we live in.

Random thought: does the world end one time zone at a time? It’s definitely not gonna be 12.12.12 all over the world, so do the ones that get the date first, have localised meteor showers or something? Food for thought.

It’s not the end of the world, but boy is today an absolute sizzler. Headed out to the yard for five minutes and I could feel the sun burning. BURNING. Headed back inside thereafter. Wise decision? I thought so too.

Good thing it’s all nice and cool at home. The thought of walking out right now makes me feel hot and sweaty all over.

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