Of how everything is a sight for sore eyes.

I meant that literally.

A not so wonderful side benefit about this newly developed hay fever: my eyes are allowed to be sore and dry all the time. There’s a constant urge to rub them, they feel irritated more than half the time and I am feeling so damn tired because my eyes feel like half the dust from my neighbourhood just went into them. I could probably draw maps and name deserts in my eyeballs at this point.

No excuses though, life still goes on. So it’s just eye drops to the rescue when the eyeballs feel like they’re about to come off, and off we go once more, back into the fold.

I had a quick look into hay fever treatment, and the standard course of “treatment” goes something like this. Eye drops for irritated eyes, anti-histamines for the runny nose, and try to stay indoors.

You know, that sounds exactly like my life for the past month. Screw “treatment”.

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