The first year’s over!

It felt like five though. I cannot believe it has just been one year since that day at the hospital. My life has since been turned on its head, jumped on several times, repeatedly headbutted then smashed against the wall a few more times for good measure.

A ton of experiences, a load of learning. Truly, one does not understand how easy life is until one becomes a parent. Patience, energy, mental and physical limits, everything is tested simultaneously without pause.

Enough of ranting.

Happy birthday to my little lady Elly, who’s an active, inquisitive, playful, demanding, screaming, happy crawling/walking bundle of joy. Life has never been the same since you came into our world, and even though I hate it every time you hit the eject button on my Skyrim game disc (in the middle of gameplay!), I still love you the rest of the time.

Here’s to us learning and growing in the years ahead, no doubt there’s plenty of curves but we’ll take ’em by the horns.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll head off for a shower and some well-deserved Skyrim time. Elly’s asleep so NO MOAR OF THAT EJECT BUTTON SHIT. Not to mention the fact that my upper back muscle’s twitchy and feel tingly, it’s definitely a sign of overwork once more.

Adios for now.

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