The best PS3 game purchased ever.

No-brainer really. The award goes to Skyrim from Bethesda Studios.

Why? Seriously, which other game promises a minimum of 300 gaming hours? I bought this damn game in March, it’s December now and I’m about 40% on completion. Maybe less. The map is incredibly vast, there are bloody side quests everywhere, and I’m still having fun trudging around the world, completing quests and slaughtering bandits/monsters/villains left and right. The escapist in me just loves RPG.

Even though I had a long non-gaming break in between, the average lifespan of a PS3 game is approximately 48 hours (excluding meals, poop and sleep).

I’m just taking my time enjoying the game, since there is no real hurry in finishing it up. The longer I wait, the cheaper the new (old) games will be. At the same time, I’m sticking to one of the promises I made to myself. I am still a gamer even after fatherhood, and I’ll do what it takes to keep my entertainment dammit. I sure as hell would prefer to sleep, but NO: THOU SHALT GAME ON.

Enough of self-ranting for now, time to head back into the game and continue the mindless questing violence in a virtual world.

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