Winning the game to wrap 2012 up.

It’s good that we won today’s game. It wasn’t exactly a crushing victory, but I’ll take whatever works.

The other team had five guys, we had five guys. Gary fouled out in the second half, and we were down to four guys playing in a box – still won though. I wasn’t going to give them any freebie layups at that point, and made very sure to be ready for transition defense all the time.

Game notes:

  • Lack of movement on half-court offense, kinda worrisome at times. I need to remind myself to direct traffic, keep forgetting about this.
  • Excellent rebounding by Danny (despite not being in the right gear), Nick and Gary on both ends. Gary especially is turning into a monster with his hustle.
  • If there was a usage rate recorded for this game, James would’ve had something like 90%. His scoring was the sole reason we cobbled together enough points to win.
  • I had 3, maybe 4 shot attempts, didn’t hit anything. The one highlight I had was the clean strip of a big guy trying to make a layup right in front of me. Smacked the damn ball right out of his hands and off the court. Still their ball, but at least it’s not a layup with two possible FTs. (Need to do this more often.)
  • The ankle felt fine with the ankle guard, but I wasn’t doing any extreme movements so it’s not a full test. Feels good enough though, shaky but I’d say 90%.
  • Nick was telling me to slow things down in the second half. On retrospect, I think that makes sense. We’re mostly a half-court kind of team unless there’re fast break opportunities. For example, the layup Nick made late game was good. I’ll have to keep this in mind.
  • Court spacing: our team doesn’t have much in the way of low post players, James is probably the one guy who can take people in the post. Josh is a backdoor cutter. Gary with more practice, could be good in the paint. Danny likes the mid-range fake and drive, but he starts out a step too far out. Being a step closer to the rim would allow him to finish just right, with room for contact and the finish. So herein lies a sort of problem, because everyone is hovering around the 3 line or mid-range. It’s sort of crowded, and I’m not sure what the answer is yet.

Ah well, much room for improvement as always. I’m just happy to be balling every week, we’ll see how 2013 goes. 2012 has been a good year, so the next one had better be good!

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