Family and team chemistry.

In some ways, running a sports team (or working in a group project) is easier than managing a family. It’s all about working through differences and joining together towards a common goal.

The difference? If you don’t like a guy in the team, he can always be traded/sacked. No way to do that with a family member though, so what’s next?

The point is, it takes effort to work things out. Understanding, acceptance, and compromises help a lot.

Optional but highly recommended: a healthy dose of STFU-and-stop-bitching-on-little-things-that-don’t-matter. In Singlish, known as mai gei gao.

Everyone has their own quirks, and constant whining gets on everyone’s nerves. Yes, letting the other party know about the problem is important. Constant drawing of the boundary is not a healthy thing to do in the long run though, it generates a lot of friction and eventual ill-will.

So shut up, know that everyone makes mistakes, and just cover for each other the best you can. Talking about the problem’s good, but the best way of showing trust is to let the other person know you’ve got their back. That, and everyone being committed into making things better.

Human relations, such a messy affair.

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