December in a flash.

Of all the months this year, December is surprisingly the one that seems to be absolutely whizzing by. Little events break the weeks up so quickly, it’s mindboggling how Christmas is but less than a week away.

This year, I’m guilty of not having done a single bit of Christmas shopping though. Choosing gifts take effort and energy, and I’m running short on both at the moment. Path of least resistance, decided to skip the entire circuit entirely, rather than get something worthless and of token value. We’ve always been blessed to have an invitation to a Christmas dinner in the past few years, and this year is no exception. Much thanks to the friends who make an effort to include us in their celebration.

Outside of Christmas, it’s more of a time to take things slowly, to reflect on the year and to prepare oneself for the new year ahead. More change, more surprises no doubt.

What has your December been like?

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