HIMYM: Wrapping up the Barney/Robin at last.

Just finished the one hour special, season 8 episode 11/12. Much of the first half was the usual fluff, the second half made Stan and me want to dropkick the screenwriter in the face for making Ted being such a wuss.

In this episode, Ted is an emotional tattler who rats out on his friends for their own good. Without him though, this episode would have failed miserably.

(SPOILER ALERT: do not read on if you have not watched the episode.)

It was only when Robin stepped out onto the rooftop that I realised one thing. The only way this episode –that was sitting right in the fail category with this Ted emotional bullshit dialogue so far– would make sense, was if Barney had actually manipulated Ted with the jinx swear to get Robin onto the rooftop so that he could propose to her.

Ergo, his relationship with Patrice was faked.

Ergo, it was part of the Playbook, an elaborate plan to nab Robin.

So dumb, I should have realised the entire setup earlier, since it was already determined that Robin would be marrying him at some point in the future.

Now that Robin and Barney are wrapped up, we can finally move on to the best part of the story: THE MOTHER.

PLEASE, I BEG YOU. MOVE THINGS ON. It’s been good watching the series all these years though, I’ve really enjoyed HIMYM and the characters. The actors, the dialogue, everything is just so good. Light-hearted humour with touches of somber emotional scenes, just the right mix without being overly fluffy. I’m glad I took Stan’s recommendation and began on the show.

I grew up skipping the entire Friends thing altogether, so in a way this is the first time a TV sitcom has grown and progressed along with me with the years.

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