Twitter: Followerwonk, your essential tool.

So here I was, thinking about the best way to find more C’s fans on Twitter. Specifically, C’s fans who are based in Australia. It then occurred to me, there had to be some way of searching Twitter for specific keywords in user profiles.

Enter Followerwonk.

Followerwonk touts itself as Twitter analytics. You can analyse your followers, gain insights into who they are, and look for trends. Generate reports, look for like-minded people in your field, great possibilities.

Incidentally, Followerwonk also allows the user to search Twitter bios for specific words, with advanced options like location search, name search and so on. Very granular, not messy in the least.

In my case, I want to look for users with location (Australia) and bio info (Celtics). This was easily done, and I found a heap of C’s fans to connect to. Time to grow the community further! There are of course other keywords worth trying, and I will be experimenting further with this.

So if you are looking to use Twitter as a means of search to connect with like-minded people, Followerwonk is the tool you need. Check it out today.

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