Professionalism and pride.

Truly a grouchy topic for Christmas Eve. Ahh, miserable mind of mine, thou truly art a work of despair, to want to talk about work.

Professionalism to me, means a sense of pride in the things you do, and having the responsibility to make that pride visible to others.

If I am a writer, it means I want to polish my piece to decent, readable standards. I want my audience to appreciate the work I did. The spelling and grammar must be immaculate, if not perfect. The facts must be right. The flow of the article needs to be a 6 to 7 on a scale of 10 at least. The article should not resemble some thoughtless internet rant farted from my posterior, and hammered out to the tune of Mike D’Antoni’s offensive system (aka Seven Seconds Or Less). It means getting content out on time, and in the right shape.

If I am an employee, it means I want to go beyond what is required of me. I see something that can be improved, I need to make it happen. Problems are pointed out and fixed. Deadlines are met. Commitments made, are kept. No excuses, no pussyfooting. Work should be of acceptable standards and delivered on time.

Such simple little things, and yet at times, it seems many do not understand how the basics work.

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