Thoughts on parenthood

Have to admit, I wasn’t exactly the most independent person around when I first left in ’07. Living at home for twenty-odd years does that to you. Five years of living in our own place helped, but it still was rough when I became a dad, more so when I became a SAHD.

Suddenly, I’m expected to be a nurse, educator and homemaker, all rolled in one. And to do a good job while I’m at it. I hadn’t the foggiest idea on things to be honest. I remember the first day at home. I took a deep breath and thought: “Woah, now I’m really in charge. Better not fcuk it up.”

Some things I have learnt over the past year:

  • Retail is evil, don’t buy everything you see. Many are either overpriced, optional or unnecessary. Possibly all of the three.
  • First-hand clothes are overrated. Used items from baby markets or family and friends are the best way to go. Same rule applies to toys.
  • TV, smart phones and tablets are tools to be used only in moderation or desperation. Leaving your kid to these modes of entertainment for extended periods = laziness on your part, and a bad habit on their part.
  • Be observant and ready to learn about your kid: it’s not a one-way street where you stuff your “wisdom” down his throat.
  • Stay positive and keep that smile on. Your kid takes a cue from you, showing a grumpy face doesn’t help. (No shit, this makes a real difference.)
  • Sleep is worth its weight in gold when you are a full-time parent.
  • Don’t forget about who you are, bub is priority but you have to get in some me time as well.
  • Show respect to friends: do not yak incessantly about parenthood in front of them, especially those who do not have kids. Not everyone is interested in your kid’s eating habits and quirky mannerisms.
  • Parenthood is not a chore, have fun! It’s probably the most two-way journey ever – frustrating as hell at times, but just so joyful otherwise.

Merry Christmas to everyone, stay cheerful and positive in the new year ahead.

2 thoughts on “Thoughts on parenthood

  1. “First-hand clothes are overrated. Used items from baby markets or family and friends are the best way to go. Same rule applies to toys.”

    So true, we have picked up so many second hand gems from kids market and other local trash and treasure markets/op shops. Plenty of high quality kids clothing and toys in very good condition for a fraction of retail cost. Have you been to the Camberwell Sunday market? Nice market and near your area.

    Sound like you are coping well and learning lots and are enjoying your parenting journey immensely. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family!


    1. Wills: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you & family too! Hope you guys have been well 🙂 I haven’t been to Camberwell before for baby shopping, but we’ve been to Point Cook for one of them baby markets before – killer deals!

      Too often people are mired in that “out of the box and brand new” mindset, parenthood and pragmatism changes that very quickly 😉


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