Basketball: Shooting consistency

I had a great session at MSAC on Saturday morning; nothing like basketball to reinvigorate the body and mind.

The part I enjoyed most? Shooting practice.

I must have shot about fifty jumpers in a row at least with Kenrick’s help. Damn arms, neck and shoulders were sore, but it’s good in helping to reawaken muscle memory.

The problem with shots not going in usually has to do a hitch somewhere in the shot. Hanging too long, not spreading my palm out wide, crooked shot pocket, one thing or the other. If I do it all right, the shot should just swish. Anything else means I did something wrong, but it wasn’t enough to kill the shot. A missed shot means I fcuked my routine up pretty bad.

Looking forward to ball again later in the morning – need to get more time in while I still can!

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